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The Most Common Style Mistake

So we know that Fit is the Golden Rule.  So what comes next.

Well, next is figuring out how most of us are screwing up our fit.  

Look around and pay attention next time you are in a meeting, convention, walking to get lunch, anywhere.  Most guys are wearing things are too big for them.  That is the most common way we guys screw up fit.  

Amazingly, wearing something too big somehow always accentuates our worst features.  

If you are a smaller guy, (I am both smaller and shorter than I want), wearing something too big will make you look smaller.  Both shorter and slighter.  Like wearing your older brother’s clothes.  Never ideal.

If you are heavier than you want, and wearing something too big, it is going to take away all of your shape (and make you look “blobby”).  Your reward for wearing something too big is that you add visual mass and end up shapeless and heavier.

Oh, and wearing something too big for you (no matter what your shape) will make you look sloppy.   Every time.  Always!

Let’s talk about a professional look.  Jacket, shirt and pants.  Here is what you are going to see if you look closely.  

Shoulders - Since most guys are wearing stuff that is too big for them, the “shoulders” of whatever they are wearing (jacket or shirt) hang over their actual shoulder.  

This error is going to have the opposite effect from what we want.  Guys, this is going to make your shoulders look rounded.  I have never heard a woman describing a man she thinks of as sexy or strong looking as having nice rounded shoulders.  Have you?

No, you want to look like you have broad, square shoulders.  You get that look by having the shoulders seams on what you are wearing line up with your actual shoulder joints.

The Second Most Common Style Mistake