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The Second Most Common Style Mistake

Wearing something too small is another mistake that men often make.  We make it much, MUCH less often than wearing things that are too big, but if you look for it, you will see it.

I am not talking about wearing something tapered (or fitted), I am talking about something straight up too small.

There is a fine balance between having the right about of shirt cuff showing under your suit jacket and looking like you have been putting your suit jacket in the dryer.

Wearing something too small will make you look like you have gained weight or you have no idea how you are being perceived.  Never good.

I am not above this mistake.  After my wife and I had my second kid, I put on some baby weight.  For months I refused to let my pants out because “how could I really be this fat.”  It was not a good time for my look.  

If your pants are too tight around your waist, let them out.  You can start running and dieting after you get back from the tailor.  If you have outgrown you suit jacket, your shirt sleeves are too short or your collar is wrapped around your throat like an anaconda, you just have to bite the bullet and purchase a new item.

Avoiding being of those guys wearing stuff that is too small is about realism.  Be real with yourself.  This game is about dressing for the body you have, you can chase a better body if you want, but you will always look your best, your strongest, by dressing the body you have right now.

The Most Common Style Mistake