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3 Original Gifts for Her (under $500)

3 Original Gifts for Her (under $500)

The goal here is to make you looking like a gift giving master. At $500 you are working with a pretty good budget, so it is time to start flexing your gifting power.

Remember, you are not picking things you would want for $500. This is about her and letting her know you thought about her and strayed from the typical path.

Lets jump into three original ideas for great gifts for her for under $500.

1. Dyson “Supersonic” Hairdryer - $399. This seems crazy right? A $400 hairdryer is ridiculous, isn’t it? The answer is that it does not matter. The simple fact is that she will love it, especially if she has long hair. This is not your typical gift, so you must not be a typical guy. You are no typical dude, you spent time trying to get into her head.

She will know this $400 hairdryer. She will love it. She will know you spent time choosing something she would really like. Sound like the result you want, no?

Choke it up and pick up this $400 hairdryer for her.


You can buy this Dyson hairdryer all over the pace. You can get it from Dyson, Amazon, and Ulta to name just a few places.

2. Day of Pampering. This one is a boss level gift and it planning it is quick and easy. Follow these simple steps and I promise this is a gift she will remember.

Step 1. Find a Spa - If you know a Spa that she likes, half of your work is already done. If you have no idea which Spa she likes, Google “Spas near me” and look at the review or look for higher end hotels near you (they usually have nice Spas).

Step 2 - Call the Spa. Explain to them that you are looking to put together a gift for your wife/girlfriend/crush/sister. (It does not matter what the relationship is, but you should let the Spa know in case that would influence their recommendation). Tell them your budget and ask them to recommend a package to you so she can have more than one treatment. Have them do the work for you. They know what they are known for and what is popular. Choosing treatments is the hard part, so outsource it to the experts (she will never know).

Step 3 - Contact Person. Once your treatments are selected, get a person’s name that she can contact once it is time. This personalized touch is going to show how much “work” you did for her (even though all of this will take you less than 15 minutes).

Step 4 - Presentation. Write her a card that says that “so and so” at the Spa is expecting her call to schedule the “Day of Pampering” that you planned just for her.

If there is money left in your budget, see if the Spa can arrange to have a bottle champagne waiting for her in the waiting room when she arrives .

It will seem like you spent days putting this together, even though you can get all of this done in less time than it takes to find parking at the mall.

2018 © Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group Limited

2018 © Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group Limited

3. Niche Perfume. Again guys, spending $300-$500 on a bottle of perfume may seem crazy to you, but this is not a gift for you. Women (generally) have much more sensitive noses than men. She will be able to smell that this is not the type of perfume available at the local makeup shop. She will be able to smell the quality and depth (even if you can’t) and she will know you are a man with sophisticated taste.

Smell is very subjective, so my suggestion is to get something like this at a local high end store or a reputable website with a good return policy. At this price, you want to make sure she loves it.

You best bet is to go to the perfume counter of a local high end store. Explain that you are looking for a niche fragrance and describe the girl you are shopping for to the person at the counter. Tell the person how old she is and how you want her to be able to use this scent (everyday, office, beach vacation, nighttime).

If you know some of the perfumes that she wears now, jot down the names and tell the person helping you.

The names of niche fragrance houses may not be familiar to you, but there are many. Creed, La Collection Privée Christian Dior, Tom Form Private Blend, Killian and Parfums de Marly are just a few houses to try.

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