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3 Baller Level Gifts for Her

3 Baller Level Gifts for Her

First things first. There is no need to spend this type of money on a gift. No need at all.

But… if you have the means or want to splurge on something big, best make sure you get the maximum effect.

So come on Baller, dust of your platinum card and let’s get into these gift ideas.

(The first idea may be one of the best ideas I have ever had in my entire life.)

1. “Pretty Woman” Personal Shopping Spree. A money-is-no-object shopping spree seems to be a pretty common fantasy for many women. In terms of investing your time, this may be one of the easiest gifts in the world to set up by following the steps below. This will require almost none of your time, yet it will be one of the best gifts she has ever received.

One thing before we get to the steps. This gift allows you to set the budget, so she does not have to think about money once the experience has started, but you will not get a bill you are not expecting.

Step 1 - Select the Store. If you have the means to buy this type of gift, my guess is that you live fairly close to one or more high end stores and your wife/girlfriend has a favorite among them. If you know what that store is, you are done with step one. If (by chance) you do not know what store she likes best, look up a Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdale’s, Neiman Marcus or Nordstrom’s close to you.

Step 2 - Contact the Personal Shopper. Call the store and ask to speak to one of their personal shoppers. Tell that person that you want to set up a shopping spree for your wife/girlfriend and give the shopper your budget. Now for the best part. Ask that person to send your wife/girlfriend an “invitation to a personal shopping spree”.

That is it. It is this easy. This will take you 15 minutes or less and it will be a fantasy experience that she will remember for years.

Bonus Option- For bonus points, ask if the store can set a car/limo for her with a bottle of champagne it for her.

2. Timeless Bag. Most bags seem to go in and out of style, and I have yet to meet a woman who thinks she too many (or even enough) bags. For this level of gift, give her one of the few bags that never go out of style.

The bag that most often comes to mind is the classic Chanel bag. In all but the mini (and she does not want the mini), these bags start at over $5k and their price goes up each year.

She knows it, she wants it and she knows that other women want it (and will recognize it). While that may sound vein, this is about making you look like a gift king, and this bag is one way to be crowned gift king.


This bag is always in style.

3. Classic Jewelry. This is not about simply spending as much as possible. This is about giving her a classy gift that she will treasure. This is about giving a timeless gift that she will love.

There are very few pieces of jewelry as timeless as a Love bracelet by Cartier.

Full size Love bracelets (which is the size she wants) start at $6,350 and prices go up every year. The models without diamonds are they way to go as they have the classic Love bracelet look.

If you feel like you need to add some bling, go for the models with 4 diamonds (don’t do any more or it will no longer look like the classic love bracelet).

Like the classic Chanel Bag, she knows the Love bracelet, she wants it and she knows that other women want it (and will recognize it). Sometimes it is just best to give in to vanity…

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