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Perfect for Summer

Perfect for Summer


A Light Blazer over Light Pants is perfect for Summer


This light-over-light look lets you stand out and look relaxed at the same time.  

The jacket and pants were both affordable but together they pull off a high style look that make an impact. 

No fading into the background of a room for you with this look.  


A look like this is best for summertime or use in a hotter climate.  No need for a tie to pull this together, but if you wanted to pair a tie with it,  keep the tie simple.   


Simple quality shoe keeps this look classic and relaxed.

A plain pocket square compliments this loud jacket nicely and shows attention to detail.  


Try out a bright look like this one this summer.  You will notice the positive looks and it will get you compliments.  Promise.

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Blacked Out

Blacked Out

FIT - The Golden Rule

FIT - The Golden Rule