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New Pants - Dressing Down a Suit

New Pants - Dressing Down a Suit

If you want to get the most looks out of your wardrobe (or money), the things in your closet are going to have to be able to do more than one thing. Many “experts” will give you rules on wearing a sport coat, and not a blazer (there are differences between them) and not a suit coat with jeans. But rules like that are just noise. Do what looks good. Don’t buy two things when you can do just as much with one.

Suits and Blazers are two of the more expensive items in your closet (or they should be along with your shoes) so they should be able to work in other ways -like dressy casual, a professional environment where a tie would not send the message you want, or you want to change into something (in 2 minutes) to go out in after work.

One of the easiest (most reliable) way to do this is to keep your colors simple.


Like Grey and Black…

DSC_0320 (2).JPG

Blue and Black…


Lose your socks (weather and feet permitting), throw on one accessory (a pocket square, bracelet, watch) and you are done.

Keep your colors and any patterns simple. Notice that I am not wearing any patterns in the pictures. Look at jeans that are black or are very light. You want high contrast.


Keep it Simple and Pulling Off this Look is Simple.

Try it, let me know how it works out for you in the comments guys.

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