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Favorite Hair Product (Summer 2018)

Favorite Hair Product (Summer 2018)

How many of you have ever found a hair product that you really like?  For me, finding something I liked was hard.  I found many that were fine, one that was good but cost too much for me (looking at you Sumotech) and many other that were belch.

Then, about a year ago I stumbled upon something that I really like.  It is called Putty by Pete & Pedro.  The first time I ordered it, I bought a bunch of other Pete & Pedro products and, for my hair, I liked Putty the best by far.

After a shower, I towel dry my hair, take a small amount of Putty and rub it between dry hands (DRY hands is key) and then apply to my hair.  


The product gives good hold (and I have pretty thick hair) without cementing hair in place like gels often can.  This stuff lets you run your fingers through your hair and adjust it throughout the day.  Your hair still feels alive with this stuff in it.

If your hair is going wild, you can apply Putty with your hair a little wet.  When you do this the product will give you you a wetter look and will it initially hold more like a gel when it dries until (and I think this is amazing) you run a comb through it and then it will hold almost just like you had put it in dry.


Putty gives good hold all day, smells fresh and natural, is quick, simple and a good value

So you know, I am not affiliated with Pete & Pedro in any way and they are not paying me.  I bought all of their products with my own money.

Since it is my current favorite hair product, I wanted to share it with you.

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