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Favorite Colognes (Summer 2018)

Favorite Colognes (Summer 2018)

Up until about a year ago, I had been using the same few colognes for years.  Many, many years.  I was still only using things that I had back in college, many even high school.  There is really no excuse for that. 

Let's be clear,  things like Drakkar, Cool Water, Obsession, Eternity, they smell really good to me.   Totally do.  But is there any excuse for not expanding beyond them in 2 decades?  Nope.  Not at all.

Maybe 10 years ago, I got two new bottles.  I think they were Salvatore Ferragamo Subtil and Hugo Boss Blue. Love them both and still have them.  I am sure there were some other non-memorable ones that I tried; who knows.

Then late last year, I realized that my laziness had to end.  There was no reason for that bullshit, so I ended it. 

Since then I have picked up or sampled a ridiculous amount of new colognes.


Ridiculous ...


Disclaimer: I am no fragrance expert, but I know what I like.  (If you want to see some good fragrance reviews, check out Jeremy Fragrance's reviews.) 

So here is what I am digging right now. 

Summer Daytime Casual - Versace Man Eau Fraiche (EDT)
Daytime Office/Professional - Blue de Chanel (Parfum), Dior Savage (EDT)
Evening - Dior Savage (EDT), Versace Dylan Blue (EDT)
Date - YSL La Nuit De L'Homme (EDP)

These are just a sample of what I have tried, so if you guys have things you like that I should try, please let me know.

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