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Shave like a Gangster

Shave like a Gangster

Remember those stories about "real" men we used to hear when we were growing up?  Those men who grew up walking 5 miles to school in the snow (uphill in both directions).  Well those men shaved using manly arcane tools that have been all but forgotten.

They knew that they could get a great shave, using simple tools that cost a fraction of what we spend today.


Those "real" men were on to something

I am talking about a safety razor, a shaving brush, a bowl and some old school shaving cream. The blazes on a safety razor are amazingly sharp.  And they are cheap.  I have seen blazes as cheap as 12 cents per blade on Amazon and I have never paid more than 25 cents per blade.

To me the shave feels just as close (if not closer) as anything I had before.  It takes practically the same amount of time as shaving with a Mach 3, Hrydo, Fusion5, Harry's, or Dollar Shave Club razor.  At it costs 12 cents per blade.  What am I missing?

If you are an "I only like the first one or two shaves I get from a razor" kind of guy, why not try out a razor where the blades cost 12-25 cents per blade?  It is a no-brainer.



Using the shave bowl is instant throwback to the time of our ancestors.

No lie, it is also just more fun using the shave brush and a blade that involves just a hint of danger.  It feels old school.  It feels gangster, like in the Al Capone sort of way.

There are lots of YouTube videos on how to use the brush, bowl and safety razor.  Check out a few, it you think you would like to save lots and shave like a gangster, pick up a brush, bowl and safety razor and try it out.  No need to go super high end on this stuff either.  (You can even start with a cheap brush to see if you like it, if you do, spend a few dollars more and get a quality genuine badger hair brush).

Try it out guys and shave like those "real" men we always heard about growing up.


Be Gangster.

My current gear is below.  Feel free to start with cheaper stuff to see if this is for you. 

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