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Office to Drinks - Outfit Change

Office to Drinks - Outfit Change

Let's say you go to the office one day and decided that after work, instead of going home or to the gym or where ever you typically go after work, today you are going straight from work to a date, bar or a lounge.

Maybe you don't mind wearing something corporate out for drinks or a date, it all depends on you and where you are going.  If that is you, awesome, no need to keep reading this post.  

But if want to ditch your totally corporate look to go play, there are a few... 

DSC_0641 (2).JPG

...hacks to go from johnny corporate to ready to play!

     1.      Wear a dark shirt.

A black shirt is always ready to work double duty.  Under a jacket, it is work appropriate.  I would not try this look for a big presentation, but for most work purposes, a black shirt under a jacket will pass.


This black shirt look that can go from the office to the bar - no problem!

If you did a little preparation in the morning by choosing a dark shirt, you are good to go!  Proceed to hacks 3 and 4 and kill it tonight!

If not, proceed to hack 2.

 2. Ditch the stuffier items and show some skin.

Okay, so let's say you chose an outfit too corporate for the awesome plans that you just made.  Good problems!  If you don't have time to go change, no worries, follow the plan below and you are ready to roll (after work style).

DSC_0641 (2).JPG

Let's change up this look.

     - Ditch your tie.  Just losing your tie is going to make you look more chill.

     - Show some skin.  Not a tacky amount of skin, just enough to show that you are out to have fun not reconcile trial balances. Show skin by unbuttoning the first one or two buttons on your shirt, rolling up your sleeves twice or three times (or both), and maybe by losing your socks. 

The trick to rolling up sleeves is to make sure you have a tight roll.  Tight is always best!  Nobody want to see your sleeves all sloppy and hanging down.  Loose sloppy rolled sleeves are for lightweights and you want to look like an Alpha, so get your shit tight.  (Tip: Don't roll your sleeves if you are keeping your jacket on, it will throw off the drape of your suit.)

Unspoken rule - You CANNOT unbutton your shirt to the point where you can see your undershirt's collar.  If you are wearing a crew neck undershirt (which you shouldn't be), you need to take it off.  Never show the collar  undershirt.  That mistake will make you look like an amateur.  

DSC_0763 (2).JPG

- Lose your belt and dress shirt, show a crisp T-shirt.  This will totally transform your look in two minutes.

DSC_0013 (2).JPG
DSC_0825 (2).JPG

     3. Bring out the accessories.  

If you have a few simple accessories that you wear, put them on now.  Again, nothing too much. 

Maybe a more casual looking watch (remember you are trying to dress down a professional outfit), something with a rubber band or a blacked out look.   


These are the only 3 man bracelets, or "macelets" as I call them, that I use. They are simple and easy to work in to any look.

A small bracelet- leather, beads or metal, will also work.  Make sure you keep it simple and clean.  

4. Keep it Fresh

Go to your at work Essential Kit.  (If you don't have an at work Essentials Kit, go and read my post about how to make one.)

-Reapply cologne (don't bathe in it),
-brush your teeth,
-wash your face,
-throw a breath mint in your mouth, and... now you are good to go.


Transformation complete.

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