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FIT - The Golden Rule

FIT - The Golden Rule

I have spent a scary amount of time thinking about how to put together the looks I want. Looks that project the image that I want to send.  

After all my time obsessing, I decided there really is a Golden Rule. It’s the best kept secret that everyone knows.  Focus on FIT. That’s it.  Fit is the Golden Rule.  

You can spend a lot of money on something, anything, and if it doesn’t fit, it will not look good.  It just won’t.  Period. Sorry.  

It is true that a quality that doesn’t fit will look better than something cheap that also doesn’t fit. Of course.  But something that fits well, like, really well, will always look better than something more expensive that just doesn’t.

DSC_1250 (3).JPG

People really just don’t focus on fit.  We guys seem to have a size that we think we are, and we just go with it.  You might not be a 42 regular.  Try on a few sizes (secret…different brands fit differently and sometimes even the same brand can fit differently from line to line, piece to piece).  Try a few.  Why not?  It will only take a few extra minutes.

Maybe you are 42 regular, maybe you are a 40 or maybe the dreaded 42 short.  I am a 36 short, and that it took me time to be comfortable with that.  

You really don’t have to spend a lot of money to look good.  And, in the same way, spending lot of money, on its own, is not a guarantee of achieving a good look.

Be open to finding out your actual size.  Not the size you want to be.  I don’t want to be a 36 short, but I am.  Accepting that and working with it was the difference maker for me.  

Fit is the secret hiding in plain sight and it the Golden Rule of Style.

Take a look at a few simple looks.  The reason they all look good is that they FIT.  

hotel 2 (2).jpg
DSC_1264 (2).JPG
DSC_0174 (2).JPG
DSC_0073 (2).JPG

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